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Welcome to “In The Heavens Ministries”. We here at ITH Ministries our glad you have joined us and it is our prayer that you will receive a special blessing from visiting us today! We are dedicated to presenting the truth concerning our heavenly Father and His Son and Their holy appointed times (sabbaths and feasts) as clearly defined in the scriptures. We believe in the fundamental doctrines that were established by the Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) Church during the first fifty years of her existence. At that time the SDA church understood and believed that there was truly only one God and that Jesus Christ was His literal son. John 17:3 tells us that…

And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.  (Joh 17:3)

The SDA church was also convinced of the importance of the santuary services and the holy appointed times that are associated with it.  It led to their correct understanding of the investigative judgement that was going on in the heavenly sanctuary above. They also understood that there was much more that needed to be learned over time. This is clearly seen in the following quote made by Ellen G White, a early founder of the SDA Church.

“The light given me is that we are to study more than we do the instruction given to Moses by God after He had proclaimed the law from Sinai. The Ten Commandments were spoken by God Himself, and were then written on tables of stone, to be preserved till the judgment should take place. After the giving of the law, God gave Moses specifications regarding the law. These specifications are plain and explicit. No one need make a mistake. In the day of judgment we shall be asked whether we have lived in harmony with these specifications. It is because we do not carry out these specifications in all our dealings, in our institutions, our families, and in our individual lives, at all times, and in all places, that we do not make greater advancement. It is by the directions that God has given that we shall be judged at the last day. Have we studied these specifications? I heard them one night some weeks ago. It seemed as if they were being given to Israel, and there was the same solemnity that there was when they were given. I thought, This is given to me that I may tell our people that we must study these specifications. When the directions that God has given are followed, our institutions will be pure and clean, free from all selfishness and covetousness. The tenderness of Christ will come in. His love will fill our hearts. A sense of God’s goodness will make us weep, and sing, and praise God. Then we shall be living channels of light, prepared to do His will.”  (Ellen G. White – (Australasian) Union Conference Record March 25, 1907 Words of Counsel)

These unique important truths and their special relationship to the three angels messages, as given us in Revelation chapter 14, are the focus of ITH Ministries.

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